Cole Supplies travel to India to secure new and innovative products

As a proudly Aboriginal owned business, Cole Supplies has a deep connection to country and are committed to reducing our environmental impact through our sustainability initiatives.

We are focused on sourcing sustainable products for clients by establishing trade connections with environmentally responsible suppliers that meet our ESG efforts.

Cole Supplies also strives to expand global sourcing capability into a more cost-effective and geo-politically secure market, which is why CEO, Gordon Cole and Director, Michael Cima recently travelled to India to find new and innovative products, and ensure suppliers met the Company’s ESG practices.

Image: Michael Cima speaking with a leading 100 year old Mumbai textile supplier

Cole Supplies’ Director, Michael Cima said that the trip was crucial in maintaining supplier relationships and ensuring they understand and meet Cole Supplies’ goals.

“At Cole Supplies, we endeavour to have good relationships with our suppliers by regularly visiting them and seeing the factories in action,” Michael said.

“Our number one priority is ensuring that our whole supply chain meet ESG practices and Modern Slavery policies”.


Image: Michael Cima testing the fabric at a leading 100 year old Mumbai textile supplier

Cole Supplies’ global connection is what helped keep Australians safe during the pandemic when the Company became the largest supplier of PPE to the Australian Government –  providing more than 100 million face masks to hundreds of hospitals and chemists around Australia.

And now with Cole Supplies’ close relationship with India, the Company has a competitive edge in terms of price and innovation far beyond just China supply.

CEO, Gordon Cole said that understanding the history and culture of any country you’re working with is important.

“Apart from the obvious positives in meeting with our suppliers, I really enjoyed learning about India’s history, culture and people… there is an entrepreneurial spirit that’s very evident and they have a can do attitude”, Gordon said.

Image: Gordon Cole (left) and Michael Cima (right) in supplier’s factory