Product Code: PR-BACKPACK-03

Corporate Commanders 002 Anti-Virus Adults 19″ Laptop Backpack. EACH.

Our bags have a protective layer of Zycrobial-50 ensuring instant decontamination of a virus through the outer backpack’s surface.

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Product Features

  • Ultimate virus protection while travelling!
  • Double compartment.
  • Double multiple-use front pockets organiser.
  • Laptop cradle compartment.
  • Smooth zipper.
  • Strap below with quick release buckle and hard ladder lock.
  • Fabric: PVC 500 x 500
  • The Zycrobial-50 bonds with the surface of the backpack, forming a positively charged gel layer. Zycrobial-50 is the next generation retentive “anti-microbial ” technology that works on all surfaces.
  • Provides  99.67% Effective protection against any virus.
  • It also possesses a hydrocarbon layer that sticks to and disrupts the lipid layer of the enveloped viruses or cell wall of the bacteria.
  • The negatively charged bacteria and viruses are disabled due to the positive charge generated by the Zycrobial-50 Bonds, reducing the transmission rate of viable microbes from the treated surface.
  • Effective for 15 washes*

*Post 15 washes the Backpack’s Viral Filtration Efficiency is 89%

Test Reports


19” H x  13″ L x 10” W.



Black, Navy Blue, Dark Grey.


  • 50 anti-virus backpacks per Carton
  • 63.5 x 53 x 89 cm
  • 20 kg per Carton

Lead Time

  • 2-3 working days
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